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Bullet Journal August

I decided to mix up my bullet journal this month, simplifying how it looks. I'm really pleased with the result, hope it works for me!

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Bullet Journal March

And just like that, It's March! :oHere's a sneak peek at my Bullet Journal for March, I have decided to continue the one page per week, and have dropped the trackers completely! Monthly Spread I kept it simple again this month with my monthly dashboard. I'm really liking the vibe of the simple geometric lines,… Continue reading Bullet Journal March

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Bullet Journal February

Hey guys! I'm going to quickly share my February Bullet Journal pages today. Each week in January I tried a different layout to find one that worked for me. This month I have decided to try each weekly on one page to see how it goes 🙂 Monthly Spread Another simple geometric pattern for this… Continue reading Bullet Journal February

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Lists/Collections to try this year!

One thing I absolutely love to do is to create a list or 'collection' on various things in my journal.The start of the year is a great time to start them as you can log a year's worth with ease! . You can pick up so many books which have great list prompts and then… Continue reading Lists/Collections to try this year!

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Bullet Journal 2019 and Blog Plans

Wow, 2019! It barely seems a few months since 2018 started, so much has happened for me in the last year - I became a mum and started on an amazing adventure. Being a mum, for me, meant that I got really disorganised, like REALLY disorganised! Every day is a crazy mess of following baby's… Continue reading Bullet Journal 2019 and Blog Plans

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New Year, Journaling and Blogging

. Usually the New Year is just a great excuse for me to get all dressed up and try as many cocktails as possible, however, this year has been completely different for me. Being eight months pregnant definitely puts a stop to the cocktail tasting 😛 2018 is going to be such a big year for… Continue reading New Year, Journaling and Blogging